About Us

"Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth"

Someone, somewhere, is made for you. You are seeking him and he is seeking you. In everyone's life there comes a phase where they want to choose their life partner, and that time all they need is a trustworthy platform to find that special person who is interested to commit and embark with them in a new journey of life with trust and confidence.Ease My Match team is here to help you to make your dream come true.

We have met and interviewed many people who are searching partner for long time with no luck, and then we decided to dig in root causes and come up with platform to ease search for perfect match.

Problem :- No profile verification and allowed to create any number of account with different email id's. If one profile is blocked any one can create multiple profile with new email id's.
Ease My Match :-  We are doing manual verification on the basis of facebook and other parameters. If we found anybody's facebook account and other information are not trustworthy, we won't allow any account creation.

Problem :- Few people are using these sites for dating and for fraud with no marriage intention. If anyone report against that person then generally other  websites asks for proof.
Ease My Match:-  If while search any profile found with diverse intentions,  click  "report abuse" button and we will take action to completely revoke that from our website.

Problem :- Meeting to a person needs lots of efforts e.g.  send interest, accept interest, parents discussion, boy and girl discussion and then the real part of meeting. It is very long and time consuming process.
Ease My Match :-  We will scan and organize regular matrimonial meetup's  in all cities considering preference criteria's.

Problem :- Some people are blocked in life due to some bitter past experiences and it causes blocking of love energy to flow to their system.
Ease My Match  :- We will provide counselling and also help them to clean blockages and overcome fears.

Problem :- Few people prefers to get married in their own following(e.g. radha soami, brahma kumaris, AOL, etc), however, today no platform matches the profile considering following.
Ease My Match :- You can select option for your following and start searching your partner in that interest.

Experience the beautiful journey with Ease my Match.

We wish you luck for your soulmate search.