Family Assistance Service

Some year back, marriages were generally fixed through a mediator. A mediator can be anyone who knows both of the families, girl's family as well as the boy's family. Mediators were generally relatives, pandits or neighbours. Mediator used to had complete knowledge about both of the families. Mediator used to increase families trust level. If any issues arose in the families they used to help to resolve those issues.

Most common problem while selecting a partner through matrimonial sites.
1. Trust Factor is missing.
2. Both of the family have the different living standard, cultural and social values.
3. If any issue occurs, then there is nobody to resolve that issue.
4. Following up with the prospect's family can be tedious.
5. Asking for sharing the document is a painful task.

Due to these reasons fixing a marriage becomes a cumbersome process.

Our Family Assistance Service will allow you to create a bridge between two parties. When you will apply for this service, A Experienced, Mature person will be assigned to you. He will act as a mediator for both the families.
1. He will exchange the documents of both parties which include all educational certifications, professional certificates.
2. He will help you in arranging the meetings with other families.
3. If families have some issues then he will help you in resolving the issues.
4. He will help both the parties to come on a common ground.

Family Assistance Service Packages

Family Package