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How to have meaning conversation?

We human beings are social animals who have the inherent characteristic/ need to connect with others. Irrespective of their orientation- extrovert or introvert- all men/ women have a need to connect with other human beings. Interestingly, research has established that establishing a healthy communication is actually good for us.
Healthy communication doesn’t mean hi and the hellos or general greetings. It means having more meaningful conversations. People usually involve in small talks hoping they would be able to establish a connection. But they end up failing because small talks rarely build meaningful relationships.
Today we are here to help you skip the small talks and present a list of handpicked questions that may help you know someone better.

1) What’s your story?
Consider this as a starter. If you wish to know what a person is like- ask them to reflect upon their life.
The answers might shock you.
You will get to know how that person perceives life.
Is he a complainer or is he greatful to what life has to offer. Learn how they evolved over time through their experiences.

2) What is your passion?

One of the quickest ways to know about someone and feel connected to is to have common interests.
Asking about someone’s passion is the most effective way to have an interesting conversations.
The person will enthusiastically answer this question and you can feel the energy.
You can figure out if you have similar drives and use them to know more about your field of similarity.

3) How do you think your friends would describe you?
It’s an open ended question that allows people to go as deep into themselves as they want. Ask them what do they think how their friends would describe them?
This show what do they feel about themselves and what their social life is like?
How do they approach friendship and what according to their perception is their image in front of their peers.

4) What in your life currently makes you feel the most fulfilled?

Asking people of the joys in their life is another way to have a meaningful conversation.
Not only it shows your interest in them but also make them heard.

5) How would you describe yourself?

When you are done figuring out all by yourself – ask them for their help.
Look for the things they prioritize. Observe how they describe different people, their approach towards relationships and the values that they believe in.

6) Who is your idol or hero?

On the basis of what someone replies to this question you can make out a lot about someone. It can be anyone- their family member, their teacher, sportsperson etc.
Ask them why they selected that person as their ideal. What characteristics do they consider to be the ideal ones?

7) The recent book they read?

Another smart question to judge the intellect. Books not only reflect intellect but they also reveal the personality of reader. It’s another great way to get to know what someone is passionate about.

8) What are you most afraid of? 

As it turns out you can never turn out of options when it comes to having a conversation.
All you need is to present the conversation in all its colours and flavours.
Take the conversation into a darker tone- ask them of their fear.

9) What’s the best way to earn somebody’s respect?
This can be an eye opener that may shock as well as push that person in a self analysis mode.
This is how you establish a meaningful connection.
Ask them which ethic would they use to earn someone’s respect.
Do they value kindness? Or do they value hardwork?    

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