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Impressing a Guy on First Date- Tips to get him wanting more

So you are finally ready to go out with that cute guy from work.
After weeks of texting and bumping on each other at the canteen, you finally decided to meet him in person.
Meeting people in person is the best way you could know about them- be it a coffee or a real date. You can feel the vibes in the first date itself. All you need to know is how to check for signs.
However a bad date may ruin your chances and you my blame yourself for not being good enough- but that is entirely wrong. In order to have a successful date, all you need to do is impress him.
“Impressing the guy” may sound overwhelming. But chill it’s not rocket science. All you need to keep a check on few things that women generally do wrong .

  • The first thing to take care of is- make sure you are a part of conversation. Men are accused of only talking about themselves but maybe they are just trying to fill up the empty conversation space. Often the women sit and don’t say a word. This makes the guy think that she doesn’t want to be with him or have nothing to say. So, speak up ladies. 
  •   Men are usually intimidated by smart women. But confident men may find a smart brain sexy! Be smart- be sexy!! 
  •   You don’t need to appear too sexy when you go out on a date. The last thing a guy wants to do on a date is keep worrying about other guys looking at you. If he wasn’t attracted to you, he wouldn’t have asked you out in the first place. He already thinks you are sexy. 
  •   Be courteous. Pay attention to him- just like you would want him to pay attention to you. Don’t take phone calls- don’t even check the notifications. It’s recommended that you switch your phone off when you at a date. It may turn the gun off. Yes- this is an attraction killer.   
  • You need to understand that men and women have different priorities when they judge their partners on a date. You might they have same thought process just because their objective is same i.e- finding a right partner. But you are wrong.   .
  • The guys pay attention to your skin A guy will definitely notice how much skin are you flashing? However it doesn’t mean more skin equals more attention. Sometimes it might fire back as some guys may feel uncomfortable looking at you (out of shyness maybe or he doesn’t want to offend you by looking at your body) 
  • Guys are into cute habits Men fall for cute gestures. This may include the way a girl smiles or the way she tucks her hair behind her ears. If you have any such cute habit- congratulations. Maybe this will be the memory of you he takes back from the entire day. Do you have a cute way of smiling, or tucking your hair behind your ear? Or is it something else? Guys dig that! And if there’s one thing that a guy takes back as a memory from the date, it would be this one. 
  • Your smell A guy may not be into perfumes but his nose can always recognize a good fragrance. A woman’s fragrance is intoxicating. Most of the times men fall for smell alone (or maybe it’s just me) 

So here you have. Follow these steps and I assure you- You are going to nail it. All the best for your date!!    

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