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Personal Assistance Service

Basic Package

1- Register with us to avail our services
2- We will take your requirement and will create your profile.
3- We will engage all our resources and bring you 8-10 profiles every month. All the profiles shown to
you would be in accordance with the preferences you opted.
4- We ensure that the profiles shown to you are verified. Yes, every profile undergoes an identity
as well as employment verification. Read More


Counselling allows people to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential and friendly environment. 

A counselor is an experienced person who can work on your doubts/fears or negativity. Sometimes these attribute of yours can result in a marriage proposal not being materialized or cancellation of a fixed marriage.If you want to remove these negatives then you are already on the right path. ...

Family Assistance Service

Some year back, marriages were generally fixed through a mediator. A mediator can be anyone who knows both of the families, girl's family as well as the boy's family. Mediators were generally relatives, pandits or neighbours. Mediator used to had complete knowledge about both of the families. Mediator used to increase families trust level. If any issues arose in the families they used to help to resolve those issues.

Most common problem while selecting a partner thr...

Premium Services

Premium service for those who belongs to high income group.